Are Colds and Allergies a Problem? Could a Humidifier Help? What About a Whole House Filter With Ultra Violet Light Added to your Atlanta Air Conditioning System.



Allergy season in Atlanta, GA is unbearable for most people who reside here because there are more allergens in the air due to the hot and humid climate in this area, so call today. One thing that has reduced the symptoms of allergies and asthma for this area has been the utilization of an air conditioner combined with a whole house air cleaner, ultraviolet  air purifier and a humidifier to keep winter’s dry air at bay.

Various allergen particles float in the air and if they are big enough (pollen or dust mites) these particles fall to settle on whatever furniture they come across. They can be unsettled and pushed back into the air by sitting on the furniture or moving it around. Reducing the humidity of the air slows the amount of allergens in your Atlanta home. Combining a air cleaner/filter with your Atlanta air conditioner constantly recirculating the air, eliminates the chances of the allergens to settle or grow further. The best way to accomplish this goal is with the help of a humidifier or dehumidifier, depending on the climate.

Atlanta Whole House Humidifiers

An Atlanta whole house humidifier moistens overly dry air that is responsible for aggravating allergies and asthma in the winter. Humidifiers main function is to offset the low humidity inside a home. This is important because the lower the humidity, the larger the chance of catching a virus, such as a cold, will be.

Using the whole hose humidifier installed by a trusted Atlanta air conditioning repair contractor replaces the necessary moisture in the air and will allow the thermostat to be lower during warmer months, thereby, increasing the seasonal savings by up to 4%, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Another benefit you receive is that your wood trim, floors and furniture will not dry causing shrinkage and cracks.

Whole House Dehumidifier

In the southern part of the United States, the humidity level is high enough that a dehumidifier should be used


throughout most homes in this region. The dehumidifier pulls the air from all rooms in the home through the return duct. Then it removes the moisture and finally sends the drier air back into the rooms. This is important because too much moisture in the air can help facilitate mold growth and bacteria. It will make your home more comfortable in the summer and lessen the load on the air conditioner or heat pump.

Whole House Ultraviolet Air Purifiers

The ultraviolet air purifiers installed with your Atlanta air conditioning system sterilize the air with the ultraviolet capabilities. When it purifies the air, it kills bacteria, mold, viruses and stops them from spreading. It constantly keeps the evaporator coil clean of mold and mildew and increases cooling costs savings.

Whole House HEPA Air Filter

The whole house HEPA air filters installed by your Atlanta air conditioning contractor will strain up to 99.97% of all harmful particles out of the circulated air that can onset allergies. HEPA is the most known doctor recommended air treatment for allergies. It also is compatible with 3 different types of air filters: prefilter, HEPA air filter and carbon air filter.