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What Does SEER Rating on Vinings, GA Air Conditioners Mean?

A SEER score found on an air conditioning device conveys how efficiently air conditioner unit uses the power it consumes to perform the functions. SEER actually stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. SEER scores are measured using English Thermal Units and any kind of ducted system that creates 65,000 BTUs or less is SEER-rated.

What Does the AFUE Rating on a Heater Mean?

These types of ratings are usually labeled on furnaces to share how efficient the furnace is. This rating is shown as a percentage, and it is the ratio of how much fuel is used by the furnace to how much actual heat the it produces. Furnaces which have a high AFUE rating are the the majority of energy efficient because they convert a lot of the energy they consume into heat.

Are Pre-Season Check Ups For my personal Air Conditioner and Furnace Really Necessary?

A pre-season check up is not mandatory but it is a safety measure that can be taken to ensure a homeowner their heating and cooling appliances tend to be operating in an effective and efficient method. This type of checkup of your Vinings furnace, air conditioner and heat pump also ensures a homeowner that their equipment will operating in an efficient manner if it is time to start using them.