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R.S. Andrews is an A+ rated heating and cooling contractor by the Better Business Bureau. Furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps are very expensive pieces equipment and should be maintained like you would you car. For service, call anytime.

Don’t Install Cheap, Builder’s Grade HVAC Equipment

Purchasing top of the line heating and air conditioning devices are well worth the money. Builder’s grade HVAC equipment may be guaranteed for an extended period of time than the generic products. In addition, this particular heating equipment can have a longer life span compared to cheap equipment.

Emergency Union City Air Conditioning Repair

Replacing the existing heating and cooling system will not guarantee that problems will never arise. Nevertheless, emergency repair is available whenever and if needed. Many services may not offer this added benefit when purchasing new Heating and cooling equipment. Ensuring that a qualified HVAC technician is available in emergencies could be of significant importance, especially when you are looking at extreme temperatures.

Is Geothermal power Air Conditioning & Heating a Viable Alternative For Residents of Union City, GA?

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are a wonderful alternative to traditional techniques. Geothermal systems are much more energy efficient than traditional methods because they use the stable temperature that comes from within the ground as his or her energy source, making them ultra ecologically and environmentally friendly.

Using geothermal systems is accompanied with many perks, including superior efficiency in terms of heating and cooling one’s home, and they are also advantageous because they use the floor, a free and nontoxic source, to heat and cool one’s house. We install and repair systems by Water Furnace and Climate Master and other great manufacturers of ground source heat pumps.

What is Zone Heating and Cooling?

Anytime people use zone heating and cooling system they are enabled to regulate the temperature within every room of their home on an individual basis. The a thermostat and motorized dampers found within scalping systems work on an independent basis. By setting up zones in your Union City home, you can rid of hot or cold rooms as each room is set to a preferred temperature. This type of hvac system can cut energy utilization by as much as 25 percent.