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Upgrading to a Heat Pump

What is a heat pump, you ask? It is a device that exchanges heat from one area to another. Typically, they may draw heat from the the outside winter air and bring it into the house. Yes, even in the winter, heat can be drawn out of the air and “pumped” into your living space.

The neat thing is that heat pumps do not consume energy to make to generate heat, only within moving it. It is worthwhile to upgrade your College Park, GA heating and cooling system to a heat pump because they work well in the Atlanta and College Park area. The greater the difference between both areas, the more energy it may need to push the warm atmosphere into the cold areas. So on the coldest days, it would be smart to have a natural gas furnace. This is called a dual-fuel system.

College Park Whole House Air Filters, Dehumidifiers and Humidifiers for Total Indoor Comfort

Maintaining good air quality in your College Park home is an important step towards staying healthy. In particular, in the winter months if we are less likely to open windows or perhaps journey outdoors, we spend more time breathing the recycled atmosphere in our homes. Whole house air conditioning filters can extract harmful particulates out of the air, thus bettering our overall air quality. Incorporating dehumidifiers to reduce moisture in the air during the summer time and humidifiers to add moisture during dry winters creates a harmony that should help everyone to inhale easier.

College Park Commercial Air Conditioning Support

No business in College Park can afford to neglect its heating, cooling and also ventilation system. A comfortable atmosphere for customers and staff is essential for a well-run business. In some instances, even the products require a particular temperature in order to be viable available.

Restaurants, hotels and doctor’s places of work are some of the establishments that face great peril if their particular HVAC systems fail. Industrial operations should create good working relationships with trained and experienced HVAC employees. Businesses should engage in a hostile preventative maintenance schedule to spot and resolve issues before they become problems.

Brands Serviced in College Park

If you need an air conditioner, heat pump or furnace repaired in College Park, then count on our top rated team. We install and repair all brands including:

  • Goodman
  • Carrier
  • Trane
  • Ruud
  • Westinghouse
  • Maytag
  • York
  • Lennox
  • Bryant and many more.