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Your heating and air conditioning system is an expensive piece of equipment. It is very dependable in the grand scheme of things, but it should receive periodic maintenance. This will ensure your furnace, heat pump and air conditioner last a long time and runs at peak performance for energy savings.

What is an Electric Heat Pump?

In order to warm a house during the winter, energy is used from the outdoors, condensed, and then converted into warmth in your home. A heat pump is both a heater and air conditioner in one. They operate the most efficient on times that it is not too cold, as it only makes sense that it takes a lot more energy to heat a property on cold days.

Emergency AC Service vs. Annual Preseason Check-ups

It really is tempting to skip a pre-season checkup on a recently put in heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. This is a bad thought with any system you have, as the system may not function right during the hottest season. This is when our certified professionals have multiple calls for carrying on, and it may take some time to hold the problem resolved. For satisfaction, scheduling preseason checkups with our licensed technicians so they are done right and on time is the approach to take.

Air Conditioning: Repair or Upgrade to Newer, More Efficient System

You may be asking yourself is the air conditioner, heat pump and natural gas furnace in your Chamblee, GA home too old to repair?

  • When your air conditioner or heat pump were installed over ten years ago.
  • When HVAC repairs are becoming much more frequent, and your energy expenses are rising.
  • If a few room in the house feels warmer or colder than others, whether it’s a sign of duct problems, a lack of proper insulation, or equipment not working right.
  • If the ductwork is not air-tight, heating and cooling leaks out.
  • Is the air conditioning unit a bit loud? this could be a sign that it’s time for a brand new one.
  • Does the house seem too dry in winter and too moist in summer? You should add a whole house humidifier.

Our Chamblee Air Conditioning Repair Technicians Are Factory Trained and NATE Certified

The HVAC system in your Chamblee home serves the vital function of keeping your family comfy and healthy. However, an improperly installed or taken care of system can create a dangerous system. The same is true of commercial settings. Companies can also suffer a loss of revenue when something goes wrong with the heating system, ventilation and cooling techniques. Installers and service personnel that are factory-trained and NATE, North American Technician Excellence, certified have the training and skill to resolve problems. These types of technicians save you time and money simply by doing the job properly and in a shorter ammout of time.