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Acworth GA

Installing the right central air conditioner is a key to sustaining a comfortable home for your family. Units should be size to match the capacity and needs of structure. Even Acworth air conditioners are available in qualifying Energy Star rated models. HVAC models are available with easy to clean filter systems and programmable thermostats. Units should be located so they receive as little direct sunlight as possible. If you require service, call the BBB A+ rated Acworth Air Conditioning Repair team from R.S. Andrews at our number.

Preseason Ac Tune-up

In order to maintain high efficiency comes from your air conditioning units, it is important to stick to maintenance schedules and tune-ups. Several factors are involved with this procedure such as preseason inspections and recharging, all the way to insulation upgrades and numerous other options throughout your home. Assess the following checklist to ensure your utility bills and your family all remain at a comfortable level.

All Brands Services and Installed

Acworth depends on our trusted team for installation and repair of all brands of HVAC sold in Acworth including:

  • Trane
  • Carrier
  • Lennox and more.

Ductwork Efficiency

20 percent of your conditioned air can be lost through leaks in tubes. Use a heavy duty contractor level metal backed tape or even a mastic type product to close up seams and joints within your duct systems.
Insulating your ductwork aids in maintaining the required oxygen temperatures while reducing the build up of condensation.

Acworth AC Compressor Repair

Compressors for air conditioning units are sorted in two ways. The first getting seal type, which identifies sealed, semi-sealed, or open type. The second being operation sort, and is based on whether the compressor is piston, centrifugal, rotary or perhaps scroll driven. The compressors are then tested and rated according to several factors including rotational speed, bulk flow rate, pressure proportion, efficiency, and maximum stress. Some of these tests are performed as comparison values between two of the factors.