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Properly Insulating Your Attic Will Protect Your HVAC System

AC Repair in Atlanta GASome older homes and even some newer ones in the metro Atlanta GA area suffer from inadequate insulation with the most overlooked area being in the attic. Having an inadequate amount and type of insulation in the attic means that you are likely not running an energy efficient home.

Insulation Increases Comfort and Lowers Air Conditioning and Heating Costs

This means big heating and cooling bills and potentially an uncomfortable living space for you. In the winter months, your poorly insulated attic conveys heat energy outdoors and makes your furnace work overtime. During the summer months, the heat in your attic builds to the point where your air conditioning system must work harder just to cool your downstairs living space.

Your Home’s Attic is Very Hot

During the hottest days of summer, the surface temperature of your roof can soar to as high as 180 degrees, which is hot enough to cook food. Roof shingles are designed to reflect heat energy away from your house but invariably some does get absorbed into your attic, which happens to be the highest, and very likely the hottest spot in your house.

Temperatures inside the attic can reach as high as 150 degrees, and if you happen to have uninsulated ductwork running through it, then hot air from the attic is going to be warming the cool air traveling through the duct work originating from your air-conditioning unit that may be working too hard.

Heating Losses Through the Attic

When winter comes, your heating furnace cannot do its job if your attic permits rapid heat transfer from the interior to outside the home. If your heating system is working too hard, your heating bills will go up and you may have to replace your whole HVAC system sooner than you expect.

The solution is added insulation, and your choices consist of either batts, rolls, or loose fill type insulation. While some homeowners are comfortable with installing their own insulation, others choose to have a professional contractor do it. However you choose to do it, the important thing is that you obtain the correct R-value and the correct thickness in terms of the insulation you plan on installing.